Apex Bulk Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apex Engineering, Inc. Apex Bulk Technologies has its headquarters in Paducah, KY. With its headquarters located at the southern end of the Illinois Coal Basin and western end of the West Kentucky Coal Basin and in the center of limestone deposits it was inevitable that Apex Engineering, Inc. would enter the bulk solids handling business.

The personnel at Apex Bulk Technologies have diverse experience in coal, limestone and bulk material handling equipment such as conveyors, coal conveyors, coal loadouts, coal loading, batch weighing systems, precision weighing systems, barge loading, coal blending, mass flow feeders, mass flow gates, telescoping chutes, coal samplers, samplers, coal analyzers, track scales, railcar scales, rail scales, truck scales, truck loading, coal truck loading, automated truck loading, coal preparation plants, radio frequency identification (RFID) and unit train storage and loading facilities. Additionally Apex Bulk Technologies is rapidly gaining experience in groundbreaking technology including  carbon separation, carbon capture, carbon removal from fly ash, (Loss Of Ignition) LOI reduction, LOI fly ash, beneficiation of fly ash, and carbon-ash separation. All of this is made possible by our design-build agreement with Triboelectric. To learn more about this amazing new technology and how to remove carbon from fly ash or why fly ash concrete (fly ash cement) is important follow this link. Remove Carbon from fly ash

Further, our personnel have in-depth experience in bulk material blending, coal conveyorcoal handling, coal processing, coal transportation, coal storage facilities, coal preparation, coal storage, reclaim tunnels, crushing plants, screening plants, feeders, vibratory feeders, slide gates, weigh bins, automated loading systems, rail car loading, PLC control systems, DCS systems, silo loading, unit train loading, silo loadouts, scales, belt scales, conveyor belt scales, conveyor scales, unit train loading, unit train loading of coal, unit train storage, coal unit train loading, rail loadout systems, stackers, radial stackers, online elemental analyzers and rail loadout systems.

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Mission Statement

We will provide quality, value and convenience to our clients through diverse, specialized and technologically advanced services.  We will generate relationships through professionalism and service before, during and after the project.

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About Apex Bulk Technologies

Apex Bulk Technologies specializes in the loading, storage, conveying and feeding of dry bulktruck loading materials. We provide engineering, procurement, project management, automation and construction for these specialized services. Our customers decide how to interact with Apex Bulk Technologies. This interaction could be a small engineering job or a turn key contract depending upon customer needs.

Typical examples of our expertise would be truck loading, railcar loading, or barge loading plants complete with sampling and conveying to the top of the silo. We would also provide the feeders, reclaim tunnels and associated equipment.

Our loading expertise covers volumetric loading and gravimetric loading of both rail cars and trucks.coal train Batch loading of rail cars and trucks has been successfully implemented since the early 1980’s. We have the latest batch loading technologies and can meet all Handbook 44 requirements

In today’s world the key to success is the amount of automation associated with a bulk handling system. Our automation engineering division works closely with our structural and mechanical engineering group to make sure our automation scheme is thoroughly planned before implementation.  

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First-Rate, Single Source for Any Material Handling Opportunity

Apex Bulk Technologies provides unsurpassed quality resources to the client, from smalltruck loading conveyor aggregate engineering tasks to large-scale projects.  Today Apex Bulk Technologies is a multi-disciplined firm, providing a wide range of services to our clients.

Apex Engineering, Inc., a full-service engineering firm, provides consulting engineering services to diverse segments of industry.  Our clients include major producers of specialty chemicals, polymers, nonferrous metals, electric power generation, coal mines, quarries, refineries, rubber and elastomer products, and pulp and paper manufacturers.  First established in Calvert City, KY in 1974, Apex has grown to include permanent offices in Mt. Vernon, ID and Parkersburg, WV.  

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Industries Served

  • Coal Miningcoal yard

  • Limestone Quarries

  • Gypsum

  • Petroleum Coke

  • Coal Fired Utilitiesloading tower

  • Cement

  • Phosphate

  • Borax

  • Soda Ash

  • Oil Shale

  • Tar Sands

  • Paper

  • Refineries

  • Iron Ore

  • Potash

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Bulk Handling Expertise

  • Conveyorscoal conveyor

  • Blending

  • Unit Train Loadouts

  • Rail Car & Truck Loadouts

  • Barge Loadouts

  • Feeders (Vibratory, Belt & Mass Flow)

  • Samplers

  • Belt Scales & Belt Cleaners

  • Dust Collection

  • Screens

  • Telescoping Chutes

  • Crushers

  • Storage Bins & Silos

  • Truck Scales & Track Scales

  • PLC Controls & DCS Systemsbarge loading

  • Gates, Diverters & Chutes

  • Hydraulics & Piping

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)

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Who Are We?

Apex Engineering, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm headquartered in Calvert City, Kentucky.  Apex was incorporated in 1974 to provide multi-discipline engineering services for industrial clients.  Our clients include major producers of specialty chemicals, refrigerants, polymers, nonferrous metals, coal, aggregates, electric power generation, rubber and elastomer products, and pulp and paper manufacturers.  From small engineering tasks to large-scale projects, Apex Engineering provides unsurpassed quality resources to the client.  As a result of superior client services, Apex has built continuing relationships that have lasted over 30 years.  Apex has grown to include offices in Parkersburg, West Virginia and Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

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Apex Family of Companies

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Why Choose Apex?

Apex Engineering will provide accurate, high quality services tailored to individual project requirements. Our team is an extension of your own staff. Apex adds value through responsiveness, field experience and timely technical solutions.

From concept sketches through final design, we emphasize clear presentation of information, accuracy, and close attention to schedules. We take pride in our ability to interface smoothly with engineering, operations, maintenance and craft personnel.

Apex works to minimize capital costs, maximize plant efficiency, and ensure ease of construction and maintenance. Service and quality are paramount at Apex Engineering.  Your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Apex is confident that, upon careful review of our services and experience, you will determine that we are the engineering firm most suited to fulfill your needs.  We look forward to serving you in your future project requirements.

  • Apex is an established quality resource for Project Engineering and Project Control

  • Extensive process industry project experience

  • New systems, retrofits, debottlenecking,, modernization and upgrades

  • Comprehensive skill sets and staffing to support client projects

  • We are committed to safety.  Our work practices and project designs strictly adhere to the following safety standards and regulations:

    • MSHA regulations and compliance

    • OSHA PSM regulations 29CFR 1910.119

    • Site safety standards

    • OSHA 1926 compliance

    • Area classifications

    • HAZOP studies
  • Multi-Disciplined Professional Engineering

  • Conservative Business Ethics

  • Built on Enduring Client Relationships

  • Flexible Delivery

    • Design

    • Design-CM (Construction Management)

    • Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)

    • Design-Build

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